Resonant Updates

  • Guess it's about time...

    Guess it's about time to post some updates.  Getting close to finishing, actually making the pickups and attaching the necks on a few electric guitars.  I'm throwing some new ideas into a pickup design and hopefully it'll exceed the last round of pickups in the tone I'm looking for.  Ukuleles are still hanging out.  I'm going to polish up one that I re-regraduated and am pretty happy with finally.  I'm going to add a soundhole in the ribs to maybe lower the tone and increase volume for the player.  I've seen it on a couple factory made uke's and it would help reduce a little more wood on these.  Acoustics are in queue, can't wait to see how they turn out.  


  • Working and working and...

    Still finishing the ukes.  Once I start spraying lacquer I hesitate to do anything else.  All the dust in the air and chances to screw up the freshly sprayed pieces is too much extra to deal with.  I did get some more work in, have some electric guitar work, an acoustic repair, and violin work still in queue.  Now if my second job doesn't keep getting in the way...

  • Decals?! Printed and getting primed.

    Set up a sheet of logos for printing to use as decals on ukes and smaller instruments.  Looking at where I'm going to get some business cards made and trying to decide if I'm going to design it myself or what it should look like.  Looking at, hammerpress (KC), and aardvark (SF, CA).  Probably just print a batch myself first and get professional ones later.

  • Ukes getting The Shining.

    Finally got the ukes prepped-up and started putting coats of finish on them.  Two coats tonight and should be able to get the rest in tomorrow, or at least several coats.  Still have to do the bridges for them, deciding how they should work and what size saddle to put in.  Electric uke is taking a little more prep time.  Will probably glue the neck in place and tape it off to spray the body.  Don't know what pickup I'll use on it, sure I'll figure something out.  

  • Getting it together.

    Things are coming together well, had to make a means of holding the uke parts for spraying.  Talked with a designer about collaborating on his very unique guitar projects, more info on this later.  Also getting some great leads on work, thanks to all my outstanding friends.  A few things left to do before starting my Kickstarter Project, I might even make it by August 1. 

  • So Close...

    About to start finishing the Ukes!  Have to make the bridges and clean up edges and such first though.  Can't wait to hear them, won't get tuners 'til Monday so not sure I can spray before making the holes.  Want to have the tuners to make sure they are positioned right on the headstock.  After this is time to start working on the electric guitar sunbursts and getting ready for the acoustic madness.  Maybe I'll make a deadline for the end of July on my Kickstarter kickoff?

  • 7.4.2012--Independent Day

    Happy 4th, I'll be updating the site some today, maybe getting further along with the Ukes.  Couple of invites to gatherings, so close to getting a body assembled I can taste it.  Cheers.